The Dress Code for the Main 18 Hole Course is as follows:

  • Acceptable On the Course 

    Golf wear specifically designed for the purpose of playing golf including…

    *Golf shirts with sleeves and collars
    *Roll necks or new style crew necks (at the discretion of the Professional Team)
    Tailored shorts (with belt hoops and a fly)
    Long tailored trousers (with belt hoops and a fly)
    Golf shoes with soft spikes or dimpled soles preferred, however trainers are allowed at the Players Own Risk
    Smart hooded jumpers are allowed

*All shirts must be tucked in while on the course.


Unacceptable On the Course

Football shirts/Sport jerseys, T-Shirts or tracksuits

Shirts pulled outside of trousers or shorts (untucked)
Sports, beach, cargo, shorts
Blue denim, cargo or tracksuit trousers
Trousers tucked into socks
Football/Rugby boots