Custom Fit

Custom Fit

Custom fitting is the process by which a trained golf professional fits your equipment to your personal requirements.  Custom fitting looks at your physical dimensions to ensure your clubs are the right 'static fit', and your swing technique to make sure they are the correct 'dynamic fit'.

Look no further than Wycombe Heights Golf Centre for custom fitting - Specialising in PING Custom Fitting, our dedicated team of custom fitters are on hand to help transform your golf.

Why Custom Fit?

Custom Fitting, Golf Shop,Wycombe Heights Golf Centre, High Wycombe

There are a number of reasons why you should have your clubs custom fitted;

  • To adapt to your physical dimensions (height, size of hands etc.)
  • To encourage the correct technique
  • To reduce the impact of a consistently poor shot
  • To ensure the club face is delivered to the ball in a square position at impact. 

Who should be Custom Fitted?

Custom Fitting, Golf Shop,Wycombe Heights Golf Centre, High Wycombe

Every golfer can benefit from having their golf clubs custom fitted. For beginners, having well fitted equipment assists in building a good swing technique - the foundation for a solid game.

For higher handicap golfers, custom fitting can help to overcome repeated faults.

For lower handicap players and professionals, matching the flex of shafts to the tempo of the swing makes for a more consistent game.

Do my Clubs Fit?

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